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Time to Talk Finances! A user guide to VTK

Its that time of year where troop leaders and troop treasurers will begin to complete the Annual Troop Finance Report using the VTK Finance Tab. This document will provide step-by-step instructions and screenshots showing how to enter your troop financials. You can also check out the VTK Finance Tab: Completing Your Annual Troop Finance Report module.

Before you begin:

Make sure you can access the Volunteer Toolkit and are able to add troop financial information into the VTK Finances tab fields. The VTK Finance tab will be available through June 30th. After July 1st previously completed finance reports can be viewed from the drop down at the top of the Finances tab page.

Before you enter troop financial information into the VTK Finance tab, you’ll want to prepare the following:

• Download the Troop Finance Report Tracking Sheet.

• Review the Volunteer Toolkit webpage and FAQs.

• Gather all income and expense documentation and receipts.

• Download and save a .PDF copy of your April bank statement when it becomes available.

• Enter all your income and expense categories into the Troop Finance Report Tracking Sheet for easy entry into the VTK Finance Tab.

8 Steps to Complete Your Finance Report Through the VTK Finance Tab

1. Log in to the VTK and access the Finance tab

2. Review information and download resources

3. Enter “Income” category totals

4. Enter “Expense” category totals

5. Complete financial summary information

6. Enter ALL bank and signer information

7. Review council notes and answer questions

8. Add attachments and submit report to GSSoAZ.

***NOTE: On the last question of the VTK finance report, please type N/A as this question is required and you will not be able to submit without putting N/A in that field. You will then be able to submit your finance report once that required field has been filled in.

If you are still have difficulties with your VTK finance report, please reach out to troopsupport@girlscoutssoaz.org.

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