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Reflections from Girl Scout Leadership

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Due to recent events, we felt it necessary to reflect on what has been forever true at Girl Scouts— racism and hate have no place here.

At Girl Scouts, we seek to instill in girls the fundamental values of respect for all, inclusivity, equity, and the belief that injustice anywhere is a slight to justice everywhere.

We stand against racism of any kind.We are, at our core, an anti-racist organization. We have always been inclusive and committed to building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Furthermore, we are solutions based— we encourage girls to learn, have thoughtful conversation, and, most importantly, take action. 

Now is the time for us to follow our girls’ lead. We must be brave and bold as we come together to give our girls the world they deserve. There are countless ways to do this – educate others and ourselves, pause for self-reflection, listen, speak up and out, support organizations and causes that are directly committed to fighting racism, and become civically engaged. 

Furthermore, it is critical that we address these issues with our girls.GSUSA has released a new blog titled, “Help Your Kids Take Action Against Racism” on our Raising Awesome Girls site. It offers a deep dive into how parents and caregivers can talk to their girls about recognizing racism, how to challenge it, and how to work together to fight it. 

We are hopeful today because we have Girl Scouts.

  • Girls who are thinking for themselves and challenging the norm.

  • Girls who recognize right from wrong and speak up when they see injustice.

  • Girls who appreciate uniqueness, individuality and celebrate differences.

  • Girls who take pride in their culture and share their beautiful traditions.

  • Girls who lift each other up and cheer one another on.

  • Girls who share their fears and speak their truths.

  • Girls who fail, fall, and get right back up.

  • Girls who work hard and remain focused on achieving goals.

  • Girls who want to make a difference and leave their mark.

  • Girls who are responsible for what they say and do.

  • Girls who are holding others accountable for their actions.

  • Girls who are becoming more and more fearless at tackling issues of the world.

We have hope because we see the shift in momentum as our girls take action.  If there is one thing we have learned in Girl Scouts it is this: there is nothing more powerful than a girl on a mission! 

Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona is committed to doing the heavy work and bringing our girls and community together to create change and lasting impact. More than ever, our girls need us. We need to do better, be better, as our girls deserve better. Let’s continue to help them develop the skills and confidence as change makers, who make the world a better place.

Courage because I can, confidence because I will, character because I should.

Stronger Together,

Kristen Hernandez Susan Armstrong


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