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Promote the Vote: A Troop Leader's Guide

It's no secret that Girl Scouts have a long history of advocating for civic action and change within their communities. With the 2020 election less than a week away, there is still time for troops to learn more and help make the world a better place!

Although most of our girls are too young to cast their ballots, their voices still matter. Our country made great strides 100 years ago when gender restrictions were lifted on voting; however, there are still barriers that exist and important work to be done-- that's where Girl Scouts can make a difference.

Girl Scouts of the USA has provided great resources for this year's Promote the Vote national service project.


Here are ways you can help your troop promote the vote:

Discuss the importance of voting.

Lead the conversation about why voting is important, the power they have to increase access to the vote, and how they can encourage others to vote, even if they are too young to vote themselves.

Encourage ongoing engagement.

Your troop can continue their civic engagement by working to earn one of our Citizenship Badges. From 'Behind the Ballot, to 'Public Policy', to age-appropriate Democracy badges, these badges will teach girls about how their government works.

There is still time for girls to earn their Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona 'Scout the Vote' badge, too! Although our Scout the Vote 2020 event has passed, check out these badge requirements to learn more. For questions, contact mmyers@girlscoutssoaz.org.

To view highlights from Scout the Vote 2020, check out this video:

Share your story on social media.

Social media can be a powerful asset, if used correctly. Help girls make a social media plan to inspire and educate friends and family to get out and vote, and tag "Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona".

Complete the national survey.

Complete our survey so your troop’s impact can be counted in our national service projects.


However you choose to involve your troop, remember that Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona are nonpolitical and nonpartisan organizations. Our national service projects and badges are designed, rather, to increase civic participation and to educate girls on the importance of using their voices to make the world a better place.

For more voting resources check out:

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