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Our volunteers are changing the world!

Literally! Think about it, as a volunteer, you are a Girl Scouts best friend and help them to see and realize opportunities to fulfill their dreams. As a volunteer you impact the lives of each girl in your troop and its through these interactions that girls attain the knowledge and know-how to become fair, equal and compassionate leaders where every girl has a seat at the table and opportunity to share her voice and vision.

YOU lead the sisterhood that provides comfort and inspiration in trying moments.

YOU give girls the tools to solve problems and bounce back when faced with life’s challenges.

YOU transform lives.

Without volunteers like YOU, our organization would not be what it is today which is a nationwide movement helping girls to find their voices and use them to change the world.

Our Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona council is stronger together with the support of every single individual like you reading this post today. In celebration of the culmination of a month long recognition of the volunteers throughout our community, we released this video in our Facebook page.

This month, today and every day, THANK YOU volunteers!

PS If you know of someone in your community that is looking for ways to change the world through the eyes of a girl, ask them to sign up to become a Girl Scout volunteer here.

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