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New Badges are HERE!

Today GSUSA has rolled out 28 new badges that are focused on entrepreneurship, math in nature, and digital leadership that embolden girls to navigate a changing society amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The new Girl Scout badges help girls develop an entrepreneurial mindset toward technology, learn STEM skills while exploring nature, and build confidence and safe practices online.

In addition to the hundreds of existing badges, Girl Scouts in grades K–5 can earn Math in Nature badges, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, that get girls outdoors to explore the natural world as they learn math concepts that exist in nature including patterns, symmetry, and tessellation. Girl Scouts in grades K–12 can now earn new Cookie Business badges to progress from goal setting, working with a team, and effective sales pitching in person and online to creating and implementing business plans and digital marketing campaigns. Members can also earn Digital Leadership badges, sponsored by Instagram, that not only teach girls about digital safety and well-being but also about online biases and stereotypes. Girls even become digital activists themselves through their own campaigns that inspire others.

Check out the blog here and learn more!

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