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Mental Health Awareness Resources for Girls

One in 6 children ages 6–17 experience a mental disorder each year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The month of May is formally recognized as Mental Health Awareness month and as such we wanted to highlight resources available to you as a volunteer to ensure your girls have the tools they need. As an organization, we know that connections have never been more important for the health and well-being of our girl. And our goal is to create a community where girls of all ages from all backgrounds will feel connected and accepted, while discovering new ideas and empowering each other to change the world.

Here in Arizona, we have access to Help & Hope for YOUth, which is a multi-sector initiative of Arizona Youth Partnership. The organization was created to expand youth mental health awareness and education in Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz and Pinal Counties so that more young people will seek help when they begin experiencing symptoms. Its important to pay attention to the emotions, thoughts and behaviors of your girls and to help provide them with tools to cope with the array of things they may experience on a daily basis.

Here are a couple tips:

To read more about Help & Hope for YOUth and explore their resources for families and youth, visit here. Together, we can help erase the stigma of mental illness and create healthy, happy girls.

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