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How to support the spiritual development of Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona is proud to be taking steps to solidify and strengthen partnerships with our religious organizations within the 7 counties we serve. We just launched our outreach this month and are already receiving so much support from organizations seeking to inspire the next generation of female leaders by becoming Girl Scout Faith Partners.

Everything in Girl Scouting is based on the Girl Scout Promise and Law, which includes many of the principals and values shared across religions. While we are a secular organization, Girl Scouts has always encouraged girls to take spiritual journeys through their faith’s religious recognitions. We are proud of our more than 100-year history of openness to and inclusion of girls of all faiths.

Girl Scouts seeks to enhance a girl’s personal faith journey; however, we do not align ourselves with, or offer programming through the lens of, any specific religious belief or institution. We aren’t here to dictate what a girl’s faith should be or encourage her to incorporate any practice or belief into her life—we believe matters of personal faith are best left to families. Our programming does encourage girls to explore their personal faith and develop a deeper understanding of the role it plays in their lives. That’s where our Faith Partners come in! Faith Partners provide girls with opportunities to reach their greatest potential, and faith communities benefit in many ways, including:

  • Promotion of religious education

  • Ministry and outreach opportunities

  • Connections to girls of the same faith who are not members of a religious community

If you are interested in learning more about leading a faith based partnership in your community or learning more, feel free to contact us today: 520 327-2288. Together we can help girls gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their religious values.

You can also explore more using the resources in English and Spanish below.

For younger girls:

Make the connection (English)

Make the connection (Spanish)

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