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How to Logistically Wrap Up the Cookie Program

Now that the cookie season’s end is in sight, it’s time to prepare a smooth close. Before you kick up your feet and start celebrating with your girls, here are some items to check off your list to wrap up the more logistical, business side of your cookie program.

Allocate Cookies and Rewards in eBudde

The end of the cookie season means no more Girl Scout Cookies, so you’ll want to make sure your Troop Order line totals zero before the program ends. Verify that all cookies ordered and delivered to the troop have been completely allocated to a girl. If you transferred any cookies, either within your troop or between other troops, you’ll also need to record those transfers in eBudde. Don’t forget to check that all donations, whether Food Bank or Military, have been recorded and allocated to girls as well so they receive credit.

Using those handy Girl and Parent Responsibility Agreements that your troop members completed, designate each girl’s earned rewards based on her individual choice listed on the Agreement. Even if your Older Girl Troop has opted-out of rewards, you still need to confirm the patches shown for each girl – just click the “Fill Out” button under the Rewards tab in eBudde and select the “Submit Reward Order”.

If you need help managing eBudde, call GSSOAZ Cookie Team (Here's the staff directory) or call Customer Care at 520-327-2288.

  • Troop-to-Troop Cookie Transfers

  • Allocating Cookies and donations to Girls

  • Finalizing the Sale (for help filling out Rewards)

Reconcile the Money and Financials

All moneys due should be collected from troop parents and deposited into the troop bank account soon after the sale ends. To calculate your troop’s total proceeds from the cookie program, open up the report on eBudde’s Sales Report tab where you will find the troop proceeds (amount your troop has earned from the cookie program) listed near the bottom-left of your troop Sales Report. You can also review the troop’s deposits so far and the amount still due to council on the bottom-right side of your troop Sales Report.

Once you finish up the program, confirm you have enough funds in the troop account to cover the final ACH Debit for the balance due. If you have money challenges, whether it’s a returned check or a parent who owes the troop money, fill out and submit the Outstanding Balance Form.

Organize your Troop’s Cookie Program Paperwork

Even in the age of the Internet, we still deal with a few paper copies of documents for reference in case questions or issues arise down the road. Girl Scouts are always prepared! Keep your Cookie Program paperwork with the rest of the troop’s paper record keeping for a year past the particular sale—you may even want to keep it longer for reference to help you plan for future sales.

Important paperwork includes receipts for product/money, printouts of the troop Sales Reports (useful when completing the Troop Finance Report), your girl rewards report, and more!

Reflect and Celebrate

Don’t forget to take some time to reflect on the program with your girls while it’s still fresh in everyone’s minds. What went well? What could be improved on? Discuss what they each want to do differently next year.

Then work with your girls to plan a fun celebration to mark the end of the cookie program (and thank the people who supported them along the way). I personally think a comfy PJ party over Zoom where girls can relax and write special thank you cards 'together apart; to merchants who gave them booth sale space, loyal customers, troop volunteers, and family members who helped them reach their goals is the perfect way to wrap up the cookie season!

Finally, remember, the GSSOAZ Product Program team is always here to help! We want to do whatever we can to make your next cookie program even bigger and better! We read every comment and suggestion, so please share any feedback or ideas with us via email.

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